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Digestive and Bronchial Endoscopy

Medical devices intended for Gastroenterology: ballons catheters, injection needles, cleaning brushes for endoscopes, etc.
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PRINCE  MEDICAL,  certified  NF  EN  ISO  13485,  designs  and  manufactures a wide range of medical devices (sterile Class IIb, Class IIa, Class I sterile and non-sterile) for Gastroenterology : ballons catheters, injection needles, polypectomy snares, etc. Our ENDOLINE® medical devices are mainly intended for digestive and bronchial endoscopy (ERCP, haemostasis, cytological sampling, gastric balloon extraction, echo-endoscopy, foreign bodies). We also manufacture CLEANBRUSH® cleaning swabs and brushes for endoscope working channel, rigid instruments, endoscope valves, tracheal cannula.