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Digestive and Bronchial Endoscopy

Medical devices intended for Gastroenterology: ballons catheters, injection needles, cleaning brushes for endoscopes, etc.
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PRINCE  MEDICAL,  certified  NF  EN  ISO  13485,  designs  and  manufactures a wide range of medical devices (sterile Class IIb, Class IIa, Class I sterile and non-sterile) for Gastroenterology : ballons catheters, injection needles, polypectomy snares, etc. Our ENDOLINE® medical devices are mainly intended for digestive and bronchial endoscopy (ERCP, haemostasis, cytological sampling, gastric balloon extraction, echo-endoscopy, foreign bodies). We also manufacture CLEANBRUSH® cleaning swabs and brushes for endoscope working channel, rigid instruments, endoscope valves, tracheal cannula. Perfect control of all industrial  processes  (moulding,  extrusion, production  of latex  and  silicone  balloons,  assembly  of  plastic  material  and  steel  components, laser cutting, ultrasonic and laser welding, marking, packaging, sterilisation, etc.) is a guarantee of the high level of quality of PRINCE MEDICAL products. The company manufactures and packages its products in a controlled environment and has numerous grey and ISO7 and ISO8 classified clean rooms, guaranteeing a high level of product safety.