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Removal forceps


Description : The PM-CARE® REMOV IUD removal forceps are used during a gynaecological examination:
• When removing an intrauterine device. It holds the strings of the device to pull it down for removal.
• When inserting a new device. It makes it possible to hold a compress for disinfecting and cleaning the work area and/or the cervix soiled by the removal and to prepare the insertion of the new device.

About this Medical Device

1st release date : 2011
Single use : Yes
Class : Is
Sterile : Yes
Sterilisation method : Ethylene oxide sterilisation
Contains latex : No
Lifetime : 5 years
Certification : CE
Packaging : Box of 20 units in individual sterile wrapping
Storage : In its original box in a cool and dry place


PM-CARE® REMOV Removal forceps