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Pozzi forceps


Description : Pozzi forceps PM-CARE® POZZI are used during gynaecological examinations or procedures.

The two main uses:
• Gripping the uterine cervix to hold it still during certain procedures such as cerclage (reduction of the cervical opening), biopsies (removal of cells) or conization (surgical resection of a cone shaped fragment of cervical tissue).
• Provides “traction-fixation” of the uterine cervix in order to adjust the uterine flexion angle to 180°.
This correction of the flexion angle is necessary in order to insert instruments and fit or remove the intrauterine device without risking uterine perforation.

PM-CARE® POZZI Pozzi forceps can be straight or angled to adapt to the shape of the uterus. The practitioner can choose to use straight or angled forceps according to their personal preferences and ease in the act to be performed.

About this Medical Device

1st release date : 2011
Single use : Yes
Class : Is
Sterile : Yes
Sterilisation method : Ethylene oxide sterilisation
Contains latex : No
Lifetime : 5 years
Certification : CE
Packaging : Box of 20 units in individual sterile wrapping
Storage : In its original box in a cool and dry place


PM-CARE® POZZI Pozzi forceps