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Nasobiliary kit


Description : The ENDOLINE® NASO-KIT nasobiliary kit enables the aspiration of bile or pancreatic juices. This medical device is intended primarily for persons with obstructive jaundice, acute cholangitis or extrahepatic cholestasis.
Nasobiliary Kit components (components can be sold separately) : • A nasobiliary catheter for aspirating bile juice.
• A Luer-Lock connector mounted on the nasobiliary catheter enabling biliary or pancreatic juice aspiration. It connects the nasobiliary catheter to the full extension.
• A full extension to drain bile or pancreatic secretions in an external receiving bag or to rinse the catheter as needed.
• A nasal tube to retrieve the nasobiliary catheter in the larynx and to remove it through the nose.
Advantages : • Axial and lateral perforations in the distal part allow for efficient drainage of the hepatobiliary tract.
• Easy to position catheter in the bile ducts thanks to the radiopaque distal end (with gold ring).
Available formats (nasobiliary catheter) : 3 curves available

About this Medical Device

1st release date : 1996
Single use : Yes
Class : IIa
Sterile : Yes
Sterilisation method : Ethylene oxide sterilisation
Contains latex : No
Lifetime : 5 years
Certification : CE
Packaging : Box of 1 unit in individual sterile wrapping
Storage : In its original box in a cool and dry place


ENDOLINE® NASO-KIT Nasobiliary kit