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3-part cleaning swab kit


Description : The CLEANBRUSH® KIT-3 swab kits are intended for cleaning the working channels, valves and valve cages of flexible endoscopes.
They are suitable for use with the main gastroscopes, colonoscopes, duodenoscopes, enteroscopes, bronchoscopes, cystoscopes, ureteroscopes, nephroscopes, hysteroscopes and naso-laryngoscopes on the market.
Kit components : • CLEANBRUSH® ENDO: cleaning brush for working channel
• CLEANBRUSH® ENDO (AN1055002, AN1056523): cleaning brush for aspiration channel
• CLEANBRUSH® ENDO (AN1050123): cleaning brush for air/water channel, and/or Water Jet and/or balloon inflation channel
• CLEANBRUSH® PISTON: cleaning brush for valves, valve cages
• CLEANBRUSH® EXO-B: brush for external cleaning

About this Medical Device

1st release date : 1999
Single use : Yes
Class : I
Sterile : No (ethylene oxide decontamination)
Contains latex : No
Lifetime : 5 years
Certification : CE
Packaging : Box of 25 or 50 units depending on product reference
Storage : In its original box in a cool and dry place


CLEANBRUSH® KIT-3 3-part cleaning swab kit